To take the example of Cleo again, she really threw herself into the Baroque and made it live. The result doesn’t look “historical” but sensual, exciting. 

— lincoln jones, la magazine

“Cheek to Cheek” from “Top Hat” exuded the most charm. Banki, with Cleo Magill as Rogers, effortlessly lilted in each other’s arms as he spun her in a frothy and effervescent swirl.


Each dancer in the troupe, like a member of a family, will bring something intrinsic:...Magill, stage presence and joy.


Your dress, hair, makeup, and huge smile seemed to bring Hayworth to life. How does it feel to perform in her footsteps?
CM: It was like a dream! That weekend in April was honestly one of the happiest weekends of my life! There is something so special about these Fred Astaire dances. ”

— interview with la magazine

A lot of Ginger Rogers’s personality comes through how she moves her left shoulder. Cleo Magill is particularly good at assimilating these kinds of details. ”

— lincoln jones, la magazine

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